Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Girls Who Draw present Magic

Magic is the third postcard book from Girls Who Draw, a group of UK based illustrators who, as the name suggests are all women. The cover of Magic was designed by the remarkable Kate Hindley, who seems to spend most of her time conjuring up new characters to amuse and delight us all. Kate also created two postcards for the book along with a brilliant lineup of regular and new contributors. They are Anke Weckmann, Gemma Correll, Mary Kilvert, Beth Morrison, Alys Paterson, Sarah Ray, Jane Anderson (aka Currentstate), Yee Ting Kuit, Ruth Green and Karoline Rerrie. All the group are already very busy selling the Magic books from their online shops as well as sending them to stores and galleries around the country and even further afield. It's hard work keeping up with everything that's going on but we hope to find time to tell you more about Magic, the illustrators involved and keep you up to date with the group's exhibitions and adventures.

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