Friday, 22 October 2010

Magic Show at Solihull Gallery

Since the publication of the Magic postcard book work has started on the exhibition which will accompany it. The Magic Show will be at Solihull Gallery from early April until June 2011, but rather than just exhibiting illustrations from the book, contributors will be creating new pieces especially for the gallery. They will be printing, painting, paper-cutting, stitching and conjuring up an array of exciting artwork ranging from large scale installations to miniature models. 

Throughout the Magic Show there will be opportunities to meet and even work with some of the illustrators involved. As well as live illustration and painting, drop in activities and printing demonstrations there will be Magic themed workshops run by Sarah Ray and Karoline Rerrie.

In case you're wondering where the wonderful Tommy Cooper illustration has come from it was an extra postcard design by Beth Morrison which she decided not to use for the book. We love it and so does the gallery, in fact it’s proved so popular they want to use the image for some of their publicity material for the Magic Show

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  1. The exhibition sounds fabulous! I wish I lived in Solihull!
    I bought a copy of the Magic postcard book at the Handmade and Bound fair in London today and have been flipping through it again and again. The illustrations are all so wonderful and unique :)
    I think all of you are awesome and so talented!