Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sarah Ray does magic.

Sarah Ray has designed postcards for all three of the Girls Who Draw books and she is one of our favorite Birmingham based illustrators. Originally from the dark depths of Herefordshire, Sarah completed a degree in Illustration in the lovely city of Cambridge and since then has been working freelance, drawing for clients such as Orange, The Artgroup and Friends of the Earth. When she isn't busy creating funny characters in comical scenarios you can often find her screen printing work for galleries and shops around the country. In between drawing and drinking cups of tea she found time to answer a few questions about her Magic postcards.

What are the ideas or inspiration behind your Magic postcard designs?
My first design was a continuation of my 'chicken and egg' series. I decided to use these characters in a magic scene and thought of egg magicking a chick out with a wand. It went from there!

My other design started from the idea of a magic carpet. I thought it would be funny to put two rabbits on the carpet complaining about being there in a very English manner... I like to take situations out of the norm and take inspiration from people - who are all funny onions in their own way!

How did you develop your ideas for the postcards?
Just kept drawing, until it looked/sounded right. Once I decided what they were going to say I worked on the composition. From start to finish it wasn't actually a very long process... the longest part is thinking up the idea at which point I have to work in silence otherwise my brain won't work properly.

And how did you create the finished artwork for the postcards?

I drew the elements of the designs and then scanned them into photoshop. I fiddle about quite a bit with colours/lines/layout see what looks best until I'm happy, and hey presto! they were complete! Oh, yes and this wouldn't happen at all without numerous cups of tea and music!